La Landie Lake

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Lac landie eauvergnatLa Landie Lake is located 70 kilometres away from Clermont-Ferrand, in the Auvergne Regional Volcanic Nature Park. It has a remarkable panorama of the mountains. This is a 30-hectare lake which is exclusively devoted to fly fishing.

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La Landie Lake is a natural 30-hectare lake located in Auvergne, on the Artense Plateau, close to Puy de Sancy, in the Auvergne Regional Volcanic Nature Park. This lake was formed originally due to the action of volcanoes. It was then stretched by glaciers which gave it its expanded form; which differs from the round forms of the volcanic lakes nearby (Pavin Lake and Lake Chauvet). La Landie Lake is at 1,036 meters altitude; it is supplied with streams of second importance which dry up during summer, as well as deep springs. Piers were installed in the peat bog in 1992 and another one closer to the lodge in 1993.

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You can be housed on the premises in one of the 5 double rooms.

You will be welcome in the fishing lodge to be served meals. The fishing centre has 12 small boats which are equipped with electric motors to go in any fishing areas. You can go fishing for 10 different salmonidae species – aguabonita trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, broding (hybrid between brook trout and artic char), ouananiche, etc.

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