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La source du Par

In Auvergne, there are 10 spa towns. Here is Chaudes-Aigues which is among the most famous ones. Chaudes-Aigues is the most southern Auvergne’s spa town and is devoted to hot water sources. It is nestled in the ravine of Remontalou; that is to say at the junction of Mounts of Cantal, the Margeride and the Aubrac regions. The town is famous for its natural hot water sources that can reach a temperature of 82°C (= 179°F), making them the hottest water sources in Europe. However, there is more!

Chaudes-Aigues looks like a postcard thanks to its roofs of flagstone, its market, its lavoir and its cobbled street. You can see the city’s heritage in each narrow street. If you come to Chaudes-Aigues, you can visit the Musée de la Géothermie (the Geothermal power Museum) as well as exploring its surrounding area, in this way you would discover plenty of things.

Thanks to its hot water sources, making the city a spa town, Chaudes-Aigues has enjoyed free supply of running water since Ancient Times. Several springs were used by the Romans, about thirty of which are still used nowadays. Their daily average discharge reaches 4900 cu ft and temperatures range from 52 to 82°C (125° to 179°F).

gros plan d'un toit en lauze
gros plan d’un toit en lauze

The plan for improvement of these sources has been postponed several times, however it seems it will be definitively launched. The plan consists in making the thermal building a modern functional place, where people could cure rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, etc. and could do fitness exercises.

If you stay a few days in Chaudes-Aigues, you would learn plenty of things and experience thrills. You can visit the Musée de la Géothermie, go hiking in the Bés River or the Truyère valley, or do water sports.

Since this year, Chaudes-Aigues has had a new asset. In the heights of the city, Serge Vieira – winner of the 2005 Bocuse d’Or – opened a restaurant he named « Château de Couffour ».

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